Berly is called to use his gifts in music to bring youth closer to Christ through worship or through their involvement with music.


BERLY: Accomplished pianist, writing & arranging music, directing musicians/bands, music production & recording, sensibility to the Holy spirit to know what is needed musically on the platform to enhance the audience’s experience, ability to engage people in meaningful and relevant worship; sound engineering, computer skills, technical skills



  • Music Producer

  • Worship Leader

  • Writes Music


Tangible Impact We Are Striving For

  • For students learn to play instrument

  • For students to learn to lead worship

  • For students to increase their musician skills and blend well with the rest of the band

  • students write relevant worship music

  • For youth bands & musical artists to record and produce relevant musical tools

Intangible Impact We Are Striving For

  • Musicians learn how to engage an audience and lead people into meaningful worship

  • For church audiences “feel” the Spirit through the music

  • For musicians & worship leaders learn to flow with the Spirit as they lead worship

  • Musicians lifestyle is consistent with true worship

  • Training worship leaders to establish relevant worship in their churches and to produce relevant worship tools (songs, CDs, worship albums).


I want to see young musicians have a transforming worship experience that catalyzes them to become relevant worship leaders in the church, that draws unbelievers into Christ and community.